30 Days to Understanding Other People

(1888PressRelease) - Medfield, Mass. - Beverly D. Flaxington, accomplished consultant, hypnotherapist and author, has announced the release of her latest book, 30 Days to Understanding Other People, available now through both Amazon (www.amazon.com) and Barnes & Noble (www.BN.com). 

"Commit 30 days and watch your relationships change," Flaxington says of her new book, which contains many useful easy-to-implement tips in an equally easy-to-follow daily guide format tips designed to encourage potential readers to stop struggling in their relationships with coworkers, bosses, family members or friends. 

Gold Award-winning author Flaxington offers readers a convenient step-by-step approach for uncovering aspects about themselves and others that could be preventing their relationships from thriving. Based on Flaxington's bestselling book, Understanding Other People: The Five Secrets to Human Behavior, 30 Days will help readers free themselves from relationships that bring them down and hold them down  by implementing a simple, day-by-day approach.

"Finding ways to break down the change we want to make is one of Bev Flaxington's specialties. 30 Days to Understanding Other People offers thoughtful, actionable and easy-to-use ways to learn more about ourselves - and about those around us," said Teresa de Grosbois, word-of-mouth marketing expert, best-selling author, international speaker and founder of the Evolutionary Business Council.
30 Days to Understanding Other People is the latest entry in Flaxington's series of self-help titles, joining the enormously popular Make the SHIFT and Make Your SHIFT, as yet another solutions-oriented guide for those looking for help in effectively navigating today's corporate environment. For more information, visit Beverly Flaxington's website at http://www.understandingotherpeople.com/30-days-book.

About Beverly D. Flaxington - Beverly D. Flaxington is a renown personal and career coach, corporate trainer and business development expert. She is co-founder of The Collaborative, a sales and marketing consultancy. She also holds both a BSBA and an MBA from Suffolk University, and is an adjunct professor on its faculty. Beverly is certified in many fields, including hypnosis, human behavior and professional values. She is the author of Understanding Other People, Make the SHIFT and Make Your SHIFT, and co-author of many other books. For more information, visit www.understandingotherpeople.com and www.the-collaborative.com.

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