Touch (Book 1 of the Vampire Love Bytes Series)

Vampire Love Bytes is a suspenseful and touching paranormal romance fiction series which leaves you sweetly surprised and breathlessly mesmerized. Be captivated by the romance between Valerie Price, a vampire girl and Shawn Corey, a supernatural being with a secret identity. Also be intrigued by her dealings with the zombies, the spirits and other supernatural beings in the special paranormal world created by V P Walker.
Fulfill your curiosity with the intricacies and complexities of vampire evolution, world transference, zombie transformation and co-existence and dimension sharing of the various supernatural species.
Guess the secret identity of Shawn Corey and speculate on the type of vampire Valerie Price belongs to, what she bites for and how she spreads her vampire love bytes both to the humans and the paranormal kind. Let her touch you in this 1st book in the series and see how she is being touched in return by other characters in the story.
With 4 other books in the series: Rise, Shine, Heart and Purity, Vampire Love Bytes is a story series which leaves you chasing and wanting more. Check out all 5 books on Amazon’s Kindle Store where free climaxes and exciting trailers await you. To access the purchase links and be on your way to experience and spread some warm vampire love, proceed now to