An Island Between Two Shores

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Trapped on a desolate arctic island, Liana is pushed to the edge and must face her elemental fears. It is a haunting tale of the biting physical toil survival often requires. Graham Wilson simultaneously strips down the American adventure novel while broadening its concerns to encompass themes of compassion and belonging. It is a universal tale told with a simplicity and directness rarely seen today. An Island Between Two Shores is an unforgettable story of hope and possibility.

About the Author

My fiction has been described as "economical and traditional." I try to define my characters through their actions rather than relying on elaborate descriptions or analysis of motivations. I like lots of surprises and feel that the primary role of the writer is to entertain. As a result I tell strong stories that are hopefully well paced and exciting. I have written professionally for more than two decades. I started my career writing for newspapers, magazines and radio. I have also written dramas for TV and have authored nine books. I studied book publishing at the Banff Centre for the Arts and Stanford University and worked as a Book Publisher for twenty years.