The Lost Paradigm

I just got to share with you this amazing, inspirational book I have just read. I highly recommend you get a copy of the book The Lost Paradigm. Let me share some things about the book.

Shaken by an unexpected life circumstance, Christine Becker, an award-winning New York Times reporter, must decide her future while dealing with the most influential story of her career.

Thousands of people are missing, including the President of the United States' daughter. As fear creeps into the minds of every American, Christine searches to find answers as the disappearances rapidly increase.

When Christine goes undercover in a therapy group for loved ones of the missing, she experiences a dream simultaneously with the other members. The message in the dream reveals the true source of the disappearances. As Christine and the other participants embrace this knowledge and face their fears, they experience a transformation. Christine must now persuade the President to believe in The LOST PARADIGM before it's too late.
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Book reviews:

"The Lost Paradigm is a must read; how often can you be so engrossed in a book
with all its twists and turns and learn how to bring Joy back into your own
life?" C. Roberts

"I highly recommend The Lost Paradigm. Anyone who reads this book with an open
mind and heart will definitely be inspired to seek out grace and forgiveness ultimately
leading to a more enlightened and joyful life" E. Alvarez

"Absolutely Brilliant! The Lost Paradigm encourages people to love and forgive." K. Curtis
"The Lost Paradigm is a Spiritual Awakening...truly a MASTERPIECE! S. Byers

"The Lost Paradigm is engaging and inspiring. If everyone were to apply these principles
in their lives the world would be a better place." P. Atkinson

"WOW! This book triggered just about every emotion within and each character was relatable
at some level. The message is amazing and is a wake up call for so many ." P. Nay

"The Lost Paradigm is a healing journey for the characters and the readers. Best Spiritual
fiction genre since The Celestine Prophecy." T. Forrest

"Gripping and Elegently told. Once you pick the book up you won't put it down. It weaves a web
into others' lives that combines reality and spiritual dimensions all in one." D. Gibbons

"When you read something that truly touches you, sometimes it's difficult to put those
feelings into words that will do them justice. All I can say is that if you want to read a book
that "Opens Your Heart" pick up the Lost Paradigm. Not only does it keep your attention
from the moment you turn the first page, but, if you allow it, it will also take you on a journey
after you have read the last page." L. Robbins



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