Ghost Field

This book is amazingly great.

The author, William Rand literally scared the crap out of me with his beautifully written yet terrifying storylines. The setting just takes you deeper and deeper. The eerie descriptions, the fast past action, and the throat clenching need to escape made this story a page turner. I can't count the number of times I found myself holding my breath because of the building suspense, horror and macabre

On One hand I wish it was a little longer, but at the same time the pace was perfect, and sometimes a short story is just long enough.

Perfectly Awesome Horror book!

Scott is a future geologist with a love of animals. When he follows a friendly little dog through the ghost field, the dog runs into a concealed cave entrance. Scott’s concern for the animal and the cries of a little girl lost draw him. His curiosity is piqued. Repressing his fear of tight spaces, he decides to go into the cave, but only for a few feet, then another few feet, until he discovers that the friendly little dog is not what it seems. Trapped, with no way out, Scott finds only the horror of his life. Can he escape with his sanity?