James Weaver publishes a new novel, Shades of Learning

Arlington, MA January 2014

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Shades of Learning tells all: a professor’s passionate relationships with his students

James Weaver, author of a new novel Shades of Learning,  is a long time resident of Arlington, Massachusetts. His decades of teaching as a professor enriches this poignant novel about the many levels of learning, and the many shades of relationships that can develop with students.

James Weaver tells all in Shades of Learning – the  power and influence of the secular and religious groups at the college, including the faculty union's weak role in decision making, how this professor attempted to confront these forces of authority to improve the layers of learning for the student's growth and development, and to save the college from extinction.  “A curious and interesting novella, the story of a well bred and well heeled young Bostonian who has three passions in life: defending truth and honesty, teaching young minds, and having affairs with young females (his students). ...  Sex and sexual harassment (in various forms) are a good part of the menu. Pleasantly written and informative with amusing episodes.” – Charles Lemeland

Dr. James Weaver was born and brought up in Manhattan. He earned his postgraduate degrees at Columbia and New York Universities. He was a professor for forty years in a private women’s college teaching social and political sciences, using a student-centered learning approach based on  Rollo May’s Freedom to Learn philosophy; a process focused on turning self-acquired information into knowledge. Shades of Learning is available at Amazonin both print and eBook formats.


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