President Fionn

A piece of historical Irish fiction set in 1930’s Ireland, Fionn Connolly is an eight year old boy with the imagination to move mountains. He lives in the Liberties, in South West Dublin, Ireland with his mother and his older sister, his father having absconded to America some time ago. Naming him after Fionn Mac Cumhaill hero of Irish legend, Fionn’s grandfather has big plans for him, hoping that he will have the courage to make the trip to America that he wishes he’d made himself. His Grandfather dreams of Fionn one day becoming President of the United States of America, which leads to the young boy gaining the nickname President Fionn. Fionn’s childhood innocence is shattered by a horrifyingly violent incident at school, which transforms not only the life of Fionn, but everyone around him, leaving them scattered in all directions.

Fionn returns to Dublin in 1963, a different man. Damaged from his childhood experience, he leads a solitary, ordered life, his only act of daring the purchase of a motorcycle. Bruised by his attempt to romance the enigmatic Teagan and held back by his shyness, Fionn is reluctant to begin a romance with the striking young Bridget.

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