Brooklyn's Song


           I was amidst a tumultuous life and thought a stroll through the park would do me good. I was hopeful, but was soon led down a path I couldn’t escape. A need for something frivolous and fun soon turned into a story entirely different. Romance would always be present and a significant force, along with humor, friendship, family and friends, but the unexpected; the unpredictable inevitably came into view. 

            I looked at trends occurring in certain genres and thought I would take a dive (no pun intended). I discovered I can’t write formulaically. It’s seemingly impossible for me to compose, solely to fit a category. I had every intention of doing so and then it happened; light turned to darkness, up went down and sex turned to love. 

I enjoy being surprised, but only when it’s flowers, candy and anything that puts a smile on my face. Unanticipated turmoil and upheaval is what I like to avoid. Unfortunately, it eventually faces everyone head on. Brooklyn’s Song was a steel trap for everything. That’s life.

            Well, I’m sure all that goes on in Brooklyn’s Song is not in everyone’s life; certain aspects perhaps, but I’m confident and hopeful readers will never experience the more intense and serious components that exist. If you enjoy roller coaster rides, I think you’ll have a good time. Remember, it’s only a ride.

             Brooklyn’s Song is not an extremely long book and I am very cognizant of pacing.  Things start to happen early on in the book that I hope will make it difficult to stop reading. I did my best to make the experience for readers balanced; including everything that generally is part of everyone’s life: humor, love, sex, work, play, fun and then some. However, the books I enjoy the most will take me places out of the ordinary whether it’s dark, scary, mysterious, elating, sad or otherwise, as long as it’s something I wouldn’t normally encounter.

            I really enjoy creating strong, intelligent female characters. I'm an avid reader and I'm not a fan of women who need men to rescue them.  Brooklyn Pierce, one of the main character’s from "Brooklyn's Song", is far from a damsel in distress. She’s very resourceful, independent and determined. Brooklyn is also beautiful, sensitive, empathetic and humble.

           Detective Song Kai, the hero of the story, is compassionate, morally centered, sexy….And broken. Tragedy and loss took him out of the game and deep into his work. It also brought him to Brooklyn. It was an instant attraction for obvious reasons. What unified them was painful and heartbreaking; thus begins the story that you never expected.

            I hope readers enjoy “Brooklyn’s Song” as much as I did writing it. As an independent author, it’s sometimes difficult to reach everyone and convince them to take a chance on an author that is relatively unknown. The book is available on Amazon and has been well received.  “Everything you want in a good mystery romance story. This was such a good story to sink your teeth into and just simply enjoy.”

           “This is a well written thought out story with a little something for everyone.” “So damn good. The author skillfully takes you through suspense, humor, romance and thrills. An incredible read.”

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